Enigma seeks to disrupt the 100 billion market of service providers by launching a new platform that connects freelancers with businesses in need. All the payments will be processed using our native cryptocurrency, as well as enabling users to access it with the mainstream Ethereum and USDT. This aspect changes the traditional business model of such a platform by enabling us to offer you the full service with multiple benefits, all recorded on chain. Transparency: By using escrow smart contracts, both parties involved in the transaction have visibility into the terms of the contract and the status of assets being held in escrow. This level of transparency helps to build trust and prevent misunderstandings or disputes. Security: The security of Enigma's escrow smart contracts is ensured by the decentralized nature of the Ethereum blockchain, making them resistant to tampering or interference. This ensures that funds or assets held in escrow are safe and secure. Immutability: Once the smart contract has been deployed on the Ethereum blockchain, it becomes extremely difficult to alter or change. This ensures that the contract terms are set in stone and cannot be modified without the employer's and freelancer's consent.

How Enigma works?

  1. A seller lists a service

Each Gig has a well-defined scope of work, delivery time, pricing, and other service specifications before entering our Service Catalogue. Buyers will use our search engine and browse to find the proper service for their needs.

2. A buyer finds the needed service

When a client browses our catalogue and discovers the service they need, they can either contact the seller directly on our platform to discuss the potential project or they may directly make an order for that specific service if they believe the Gig has enough specifics.

3. Work starts immediately after the seller gets the order

When an order is placed, Enigma invites the customer to provide the seller the files mentioned in the gig description, as well as a briefing paper with instructions. Once received, the seller can immediately begin working on the job.

4. The Enigma Box (*) is opened, and the seller receives the money.

If no issues are raised by the buyer 7 days after the project is delivered, Enigma Box will open making the full amount of the gig ready for the seller to withdraw.

5. Review to help the community grow. At the end of each order, both parties will be encouraged to post a review about their experience to enable future users make an informed decision about who to work with. Each review will be graded on a scale of 1 to 5 stars, with an optional note.

(*) Enigma Box is a smart contract that serves as an escrow to protect both parties to the agreement. When a Buyer pays for a service, the funds are deposited in the Enigma Box and remain there until the service is completed. There will be customer support available to ensure that there are no bad actors involved in the ongoing deals. For more information check this page.

Why to choose Enigma?

✨Enjoy the freedom to choose your own projects and clients ✨Get paid in our cryptocurrency, which is safe, secure, and easy to convert ✨Access a wide range of talented freelancers from around the world -Get all the benefits of a freelance platform with none of the fees

✨Services are pre-screened and qualified so there is little risk for buyers

✨Quick turnaround time on projects

✨ Huge range of services to choose from

✨Choose from a range of already proficient web 3.0 workers, without the hassle of browsing web 2.0 environments

✨Utilize the platform for outsourced deals, and have it secured through our own platform

✨Instant payout, no cards or banks involved

✨Find clients for your services more easily

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